Inner Best – 252

Fashion and Textiles student, April Yap, from Birchgrove has earned national attention for her bold and bright clothing designs.

Last month April was announced as one of 12 Fashion graduates in Australia to showcase their work on the runway of the National Graduate Show at Melbourne’s Fashion week in March. One finalist will be picked to collaborate with Target on their women’s fashion range for 2015.

Apart from her artistic inspirations, designer Yohji Yamamoto and fashion photographer Viviane Sassen, Yap found the vision for her entry piece in the aesthetic bricolage of one Sydney’s oldest cultural precincts.

“The vivid colours and oddity of Chinatown with its architectural juxtapositions and various bits and bobs really appealed to me,” Yap said.

“Conceptually, this idea of a constructed culture that exists in Chinatown, was a theme that I really wanted to explore within this body of work.”

Yap entered the fashion industry based on a snap decision the night her university applications were due in. Over her degree she has been inspired by the modes of self-expression fashion creates.

“There’s a part of it [fashion] that’s very trend driven and superficial but personally as a designer, I see it more as a form of expression,” Yap said.

“A model might make the clothes look good because of her particular body shape but I think it’s more interesting to see how a person, of any shape and size, wear a piece of clothing in a certain manner or style that is individual to them. I love to see someone on the street just doing their own thing.”

In the future Yap is looking forward to designing for women who are not afraid to be themselves.

“I hope to create commercially appealing and accessible garments that have a bit of individuality and flair to them,” she said.

Favourite looks for 2015

Preppy, but not too preppy
Trying to look manicured but not anal retentive? Be ironically outspoken with the squarest print of all – the grid print. April nominates the print as a top look for this year.
“I love a good grid. The graphic linear lines are modern and easy to wear.”


Lady Boss
There’s pressure to get shit done and look daarrrlinngg, darling. That’s sexist double standards for you! April says oversized silhouettes are the best way to be comfortable and still look good.



Street wise
April says she is a denim lover, “in every shade and every silhouette.” Nothing says Inner West sidewalks quite like worn-in double denim.