Inner Best – 255

Modest fashion designer, Amalina Aman, graced the catwalk last week with her Classic Touches collection at the Creatives Uncovered’s catwalk hosted in Marrickville.

Amalina has shown her work across the world from New York to Indonesia, Dubai and Malaysia – and is well known for her bohemian and free flowing styles.

Aman moved from Cocos Islands to mainland Australia when she was a girl, eventually finding her way to Sydney where she completed a degree in Fashion Design at FBI and the Whitehouse.

Aman says she wanted to be a designer from a very young age.

“My Grandmother inspired me a lot when I was little,” she said. “Even in the 90’s she would go to the Salvation Army and find thrown out material, and would make designs from nothing,”

“My Grandmother never went to school – she learnt to sew by watching people working on Christmas Island. She is still very much my muse.”

Aman’s style is highly influenced by the past, drawing particularly her own historical research into the 70’s and 60’s era.

“Everything was so free-spirited and effortless, it’s a vibe I love and it’s one of the trends that never dies,” Aman said.

One of her most innovative designs is a poncho with a hijab attached made in sheer chiffon, which she calls her ‘Hoody Hijab.’

“I came up with the idea for that one in my own little creative bubble. I was thinking of my American clients who like to dress casually but are always busy on the go.”

While the modest fashion movement is booming in Indonesia and Dubai, Aman hopes in the future Muslim and non-Muslim designers alike will include modest garments in their collections.

“I hope in the future the fashion industry won’t be as divided as it is now,” she said.

“On the New York catwalk you can see so much modest fashion, and that’s because of us!”

As one of the first hijabi fashion designers in Australia, Aman is already seeing a legacy in flight.