Inner Best: Wayne Scott Kermond

Award winning performer Wayne Scott Kermond has been in show business for thirty years, having come from a long line of performers. Now he is returning to his family’s roots putting on a razzle-dazzle cabaret show in a 97-year-old mirror tent, currently pitched in the Italian Forum on Norton Street.

Spiegel’esque is a culmination of Kermond’s musical experience, as well as the incredible talents of the cast, which includes his son Zan, such as tap dancing, singing, fan dancing and burlesque.

“I feel like I am going full circle returning to the vaudeville style my parents performed in the sideshows and Tivoli Theatre. I feel very privileged to call this work,” Wayne says.

“There was a point there when I thought I wanted to be an aircraft engineer, but I had an epiphany when I was 16-years-old. I had all the skills already, and I think it was important I made that decision myself, but my mum and dad and grandparents never got to make that decision.”

Another veteran of show biz is the ornate tent Spiegel’esque unfolds in. The mirror tent is composed of velvet canopies, cut-glass mirrors and romantic booths. This is the first outing of the spiegelzelt in Sydney after wowing crowds with shows in Victoria, in which Kermond also took part.

“We thought Leichhardt was the perfect place to put the tent next, people in the city and in the west don’t have to come too far. It also has a lovely Italian culture, and is known for its restaurants and bars,” Wayne says.

“We know the Forum has been struggling for the past few years, but there was so much excitement and enticement from the Council and community to make Leichhardt a place of entertainment again.”

You can catch Spiegel’esque at the Italian Forum until January 15th.
Book tickets at: or 132 849.