Inner West Whispers – 217

Apologies, farewells and political snobbery

• You may recall, Haberfield socialite and cultural historian, Emma Brooks Maher sent out a letter to Haberfield residents commenting on the ethics of Ashfield Council Liberal Party Candidate Vittoria Raciti. Maher has since letterboxed an “Apology to Mrs Vittoria Raciti” withdrawing any imputations of hypocrisy and misconduct. Maher might have  lost this battle but will she give up the war against the Racitis? Hmmm…

• Rival news publication Inner West Courier is holding a Meet the Candidates Forum for Grayndler candidates. However, only two of them (Hall Greenland and Anthony Albanese) will be attending. Cedric Spencer (Liberal) and three other candidates from the Christian Democrat Party, Bullet Train for Australia Party and Palmer United Party have allegedly been snubbed. Interesting that, the Courier must be one of the few News Ltd. publications that aren’t bagging out the Labor Party and heaping praise on Mr Abbott. There are around 25,000 Liberal voters in Grayndler.

• Rozelle businesses are playing musical chairs. Precious is moving up the road, along with Jewel that has moved up from Balmain, there are new owners at Piccolo Padre and new owners coming to what was Bar Lazio. Meanwhile Queen Bee will soon house a little café, as will the yoga studio on the other side of Victoria Road. However, more cafes need more people…hopefully these businesses understand the commercial risk the Tigers development may (or may not) bring.

• Newtown loses ethical trader Earth Kid to the on-line market. Dianna from Earth Kid will sadly close her store and trade exclusively on-line for now.

Special tribute: our hearts go out to the family of much-loved Italian/Australian performer, Ricky Daniele, who sadly passed away this month.

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