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Pastry news, Parramatta Rd goes green and political competition heats up

RIP Le Chocoreve. After 10 years opposite Stanmore Station this quaint patisserie has closed it’s doors. Apparently the land lord has put up the rent and owners say it is just not worth renewing the lease. The arrival of The Little Mule (a very on-trend café serving Campos) may have affected trade. Up the road Molly Coddle café has branched out into Newtown and is running a roaring trade at its latest location. Le Chocoreve had temporarily closed its doors last year when there was an administration notice on the front door. Ex-staff say it was a failure to pay workers compensation that had the wolves at the door.

Beautiful Brunetti’s of Melbourne is rumoured to be opening its doors at the old Commonwealth Bank site in Haberfield. After the recent closure of Sulfaro, Haberfield’s glucose index has deteriorated and any replacement sweeties will surely by welcomed.

Parramatta Road improves! Don’t fall off your chair, but it is true. For the first time in years, Marrickville Council has actioned some refurbishment of the long forsaken road. Small planter trees have been placed from Crystal Street to Fort Street adding a nice touch of green to the otherwise fumey environment. Who needs a million dollar place-making plan? Just one small action at a time is good enough, right?

The Greens think that Verity Firth will win the right to be the ALP’s Balmain candidate going up against Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne. Popularity is not what makes a leader, its all about who you know.

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