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Balmain Rd comes to an end, cafe criminal, Our Cate at The Hub in Newtown?

• Thanks to the RTA for finally finishing the end of Balmain Road! It only took over a year! But we all really appreciate it, really, thanks for finding the time. Maybe now someone could get onto fixing all the potholes that keep flooding during the heavy rain we keep having. Just a suggestion.

• It looks like business owners operating at the Parramatta Road and Burwood Road intersection have had enough of the dangerous car collisions threatening to send cars crashing into their shopfronts and are petitioning Burwood Council to have fencing or barriers erected on the footpaths to safeguard their buildings and staff. With accidents a regular occurrence at this location, it’s a surprise this hasn’t been done
much sooner.

• A sneaky Mr Sticky Fingers has been caught on camera stealing the tips jar from super cool Redfern cafe Three Williams. Being a bustling Saturday, the jar was full of notes at the time and was swiped from the front counter while the cunning thief distracted staff with chit chat. The cafe has appealed to people on their Facebook page for help, asking anyone who recognises the man to either come forward or convince him to return the jar. The post also said the staff are not looking to prosecute…yet.

• Now here’s some exciting news for music lovers: apparently Newtown landmark The Hub is set to reopen as a live music or theatre venue within the next three months. Following a $500,000 renovation, the Vlattas family, who also own the Cleveland Street Theatre, have put The Hub out to tender with a family spokesperson telling the SMH, “Cate Blanchett could direct a show here and the quality would be there.” Let’s hope Cate is listening! We’d like to run into her on King St.



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