Inner West Whispers – 290

Movie menace – Milling around – Albo finds his dad (and a biographer)

• Known as ‘The Number 1 Cinema Menace’, Dendy Newtown staff have been warned about the possibility that Anthony Riley, a thief banned from every cinema in NSW, has been coordinating steals during cinema sessions. The cinema was alerted to suspicious activity last week when a person was found in the cinema crawling under seats taking audience member’s valuables. While the person was not the notorious Andrew Riley, the theft mimicked his thieving style, and Riley has been known to pay people to thieve for him.

Marrickville Metro is undergoing a facelift to provide shoppers with a community space for respite and socialising, much need after spending hours working out an exit from the purgatorial ring that is Marrickville Metro’s layout. The alfresco area’s design has been inspired by the industrial history of the site, which was a wool mill that produced blankets and tweeds up until the 1970s. Marrickville Metro shopping centre currently sits within the preserved walls of the mill and the heritage mill house built around 1860 is still in use (as as office) today. Vicar’s Wool Mill was a source of employment for many of the migrants living in Marrickville during and after World War II. Meanwhile we are still waiting to take our appetities to the Inner West’s latest market, a street eats market on Marrickville Metro rooftop carpark on Thursday nights. Watch this space.

• Meet, have a chat and take a selfie with Albo next weekend. He will be signing copies of the new biography Albanese: Telling It Straight by Karen Middleton at Dulwich Hill Fair on Sunday 11 September, 10am – 4pm. The book revealed for the first time the story of Albanese meeting his long-lost father in Southern Italy, and farewelling him during the tumultuous 2013 Federal elections between Rudd and Abbott.