Inner West Whispers – 301

A dingo ate my Egg – A dusty bottleneck? – Not fine

• The fate of Egg the pug who was purportedly stolen at knife-point in Sydney Olympic Park became horrifically clear this week, as Egg’s owner was charged with making an alleged false report to police last Wednesday. Egg’s photo was shared on Facebook 4,000 times as police tried to locate the whereabouts of the dog. Two days after the owner was charged, police called off the search for Egg saying he had died at the owner’s house and his remains “had been disposed of”.

• A dusty, noise-embattled school, a lost bottle shop or a double-sentence of construction time seems to be the choice Sydney Motorway Corporation has proposed for the Inner West, with the news that a dive tunnelling site is proposed in Leichhardt/Lilyfield to reduce the time of tunnelling from Haberfield to Rozelle. The Inner West Council has “categorically rejected” the first two options which propose the dive site either be constructed in a small parcel of land between Sydney Secondary College and Leichhardt Bus Depot or at the location of the Dan Murphy’s Bottle Shop on Darley Road.  Residents have previously raised concerns about disruption to Darley Road as a pedestrian link for the Bay Run, Dog Park and light rail. Of the school site (which seems like an even nastier option), WestConnex Project Dirtecor Peter Jones noted it would “involve less in the way of compensation” than the woolworth’s owned liquor store.

• A Ciao reader has written into us decrying the $100 fine he was issued by Inner West Council parking rangers while he briefly left his car to print out a ticket from a machine on Darling Street in Rozelle. Draconian parking fines are just the thing to encourage people to visit local businesses. Perhaps fine dollars can be redirected from council coffers into the tip jars of employees working Sundays in the Inner West’s famed cafes.