Inner West Whispers – 274

Scary shoes?

Jeanne Albrecht, the founder and longtime manager of Rozelle Markets, has stated that she will be starting a splinter antiques market after Blue Sky management take over the markets from January 25th. She is still searching for a location for her new markets but is determined to ensure it is in the Inner West. Albrecht said she was uncertain whether she would be able to retain her stall-holders, as from February she will be competing for them with Blue Sky. Keep an eye on the White Bay footbridge for updates.

• Shoes on anyone are generally perilous, especially enclosed ones. The Bank Hotel has affirmed the fact by banning certain shoes for the sake of patron safety. After refusing entry to a man wearing a pair of Nike Air Max, The Bank Hotel posted on Facebook that both Nike TN and Air Max styles were banned from the Hotel because, “they are worn by gang members, or worst case scenario young men who you think could be in a gang.” The Bank Hotel said the excluding measures “sounded ridiculous but work” then noted, “I can honestly guarantee you that almost every single person I’ve caught selling drugs on the premises or has picked a fight has been wearing those shoes.” Comments on Facebook suggested punters believed the correlation between the popular footwear and violence were dubious.

• A month after opening their doors as the Inner West’s pub in the east, The Unicorn Hotel in Paddington is doing a roaring trade. The team from Newtown’s own brewery Young Henry’s (located on Wilford Street) and Mary’s Burgers (Mary St, Newtown) have joined forces as business partners to rescue the pub from its dive bar past. They have opted for an Australiana aesthetic, apparently adopting some recipes from Margaret Fulton cookbooks to complete the vibe.