Jared has some bad news

There are some very real and scary things going on in the world, documented things that science, politicians and business know are happening, many people are aware of but many of you are not worried about. Yet.

Oceans are warming. In Australian waters species that are traditionally only found in temperate waters are slowly migrating down the coast as the ocean temperature changes, this in turn is causing cooler water species to exist in smaller costal regions These species will soon no longer exist.

Soil is depleting at alarming rates, we are simply not making enough soil to maintain crops at the levels we currently enjoy, especially when you consider that our population is growing! Multi-nationals, who have a very real and lucrative interest in commoditizing food and owning GM, technologies know this and that is why many are investing heavily in agricultural real estate in Australia – they are buying future profit security.

Nutrition levels in our modern diet are getting scarily low. There will come a time when nutrition will become a purchasable commodity affordable only by the fortunate.

Poor people will become more unhealthy while the rich live longer, until they realize that their static, mono-cultural and artificial diets cause illnesses we have not seen before, such as alarming rates of Type Two Diabetes and thyroid conditions.

Land based agriculture is becoming more and more reliant on artificial stimulants and chemicals, containing less and less nutritional content, diversity of minerals and bacteria. This is making our diet nutritionally two-dimensional so we have less healthy gut bacteria and is recognized as one of the most fundamental elements to good health, physically and mentally! Nutrition effects your happiness people!

Diversity is suffering as we focus more heavily on a handful of species and forget the thousands of different variants of edible species because they cannot be farmed easily. This will increase the likely hood of a ‘genetic road block’, where a disease that effects one species will decimate the industry and cause irrepairable harm to our economy and nutrient dependencies.

This is the bad news, I’ll let you know about the good news next week. Things are not doom and gloom, rather interesting and delicious! Stay tuned.