Jared is full of xmas joy!

This once practicing Roman Catholic (and alter boy I’ll have you know) totally understands the religious significance December 25th!

A hugely important day of great religious significance for millions of people, and that is a beautiful thing! Somewhere between now and the birth of Christ, Christmas day has become busy, stressful, incredibly commercial and yet we all recognise the importance of the day.

For many, it is a celebration of the birth of Christ, for others it is a public holiday with awesome penalty rates, or simply a time to over indulge in delicious food and drink. Whatever your beliefs or traditions, it is hard to escape the simple truth that on Christmas Day we do all celebrate something.

I will be celebrating this day by waking up to the sound of my two boys howling with delight when they see that presents have magically appeared under our tree.

Charlie my eldest son realised the truth about the origin of these gifts a couple of years ago, and I am very happy to tell you we all 100% agreed that they were delivered by Santa! That’s right Santa Clause is real people! Santa is talked about all through the year at my house and his importance grows in significance towards the end of the year. My sons both make a list every December in the hope that they will receive everything on it. Sadly, this never happens.

This year Hudson, my youngest, listed 12 things he wanted from Santa, number six on the list made me think. In between “Xbox games” and “walkie talkie” is the simple request to, “have a great day.” What a wonderful thing! When I read Huddy’s list I realised having a great day is exactly what Christmas is about. Everything else is just stuff, non-essential garnishes that we indulge in simply because we can – but at the core of it all is the simple desire to just have a good day.

So whatever your beliefs, be they of religious significance or not, I truly hope that you all have a great day and a truly excellent new year!

Eat well!