Julian – Hot or Not?

Known for his buns!

Talk, dark and hands-on, Julian is one of the bakers behind the sexy sourdoughs at Brickfield’s Bakery in Chippendale. A proud foodie, he can often be seen riding the streets of Marrickville on the hunt for fresh produce.

“I love making a living working with my hands and being able to bring a smile to my friends’ faces when I shower them with croissants,” says Julian.

He is looking for a lover with whom he can share his passion for big breakfasts and art-house films. “Preferably someone who knows how to pickle,” he said.

The panel says:


He could butter me up!






Always a good thing when a man knows how to make delicious culinary creations.

kisses 3





This guy knows how to pose! He can bake for me any day.

kisses 3




Ms Red

Mmm I could eat this one whole…pickles on the side.

kisses 4

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