Junkyard Festival

Started by a few blokes with a love of live music and drunken debauchery who wanted to party in their backyard, Junkyard Festival had its first show just earlier this year, quickly followed up with a second. It wasn’t really even a festival then; sure, there were bands playing but everyone there was friends with at least one of the hosts.

Then there was their third show. God only knows how, but after just two of these festivals, which I remind you were really just great parties, Junkyard Festival got sponsored by Vice and Pistonhead Lager and their venue got bumped up to the Vic on Enmore Road.

Going down on Saturday 4th October, the line-up consisted of some Junkyard veterans like them swampy boys Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun and Chicks Who Love Guns, plus some new faces like the very groovy Deep Sea Arcade.

The free beer was flowing (thanks Pistonhead) and so were the good vibes with sweaty antics, drunken dancing and free T-shirts being thrown around like confetti.

Gotta say I’m really pumped for their next outing, word is they’re going back to their roots of the fire-twirling alleyway…

Words: Max Kobras

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