Latte Leftie – 235

Latte Leftie bemoans the culture of complaint Australian turkeys indulge in after enthusiastically voting for Christmas.

Dear LL – Is it just me or are you left shaking your head at those Howard Battlers, or Abbott’s Army members, or whatever ridiculous moniker the Right’s useful idiots go by nowadays, whining like spied-upon Indonesians when the right-wing government they elected behaves like a right-wing government? We haven’t experienced so much disingenuous outrage from the masses since they arced up over John Howard deregulating the industrial relations system after a lifetime of expressing his burning desire to deregulate the industrial relations system.
Alan, Newtown.

LL replies: Yep, that’s what used to be the ALP heartland for you, Alan. Vote in the Conservatives in a fit of childish pique and then wail like babies about not being able to afford to go to the doctor/attend university/ get the dole/retire. No doubt we’ll have to endure further bleating when their wages are slashed to the $2 a day level Gina Rinehart advocates, taxation is formally abolished for large corporations and anyone earning a six-figure salary, and mandatory drug testing implemented for anyone who wants to avail themselves of any form of government assistance. I don’t usually mix my poetry with politics but, with apologies to Pastor Niemöller, I’d like to leave you with the following poem expressing my boundless disgust with the bottomless stupidity of the Australian people.
First they came for the ratbag uni student/economic migrant boatperson/feminazi Peppa Pig/coddled auto worker/marriage-minded lesbian/povo public school student/corrupt unionist and I did not speak out for
I was a mainstream, McMansion-owning Australian. Then they came for the hard-working, God-fearing, Alan Jones-listening, Daily Terror-reading Western Sydney resident – and there was no one left to speak for me.

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