Gigs Guide – 15th March

Sunday 17th March

Jep and Dep

Silly name, decent sound, same venue. These guys are a little bit dev, little bit Johnny Cash, little bit Camera Obscura, little bit good. I’d pay to go and see them, and I don’t even have to, because I think it might be free. Don’t quote me on that. It might just get you kicked out.

The Green Room Lounge, Enmore, free (possibly)

Saturday 16th March

Birds of Tokyo

Wow, I must be tired. Travelling since 5am and I think I just recommended the Birds of Tokyo. Lots of you out there probably like them and stuff, but I generally find them a little bland. Maybe that’s just what I need right now. Bland.

Enmore Theatre, Enmore, $55

Thursday 21st March

Maxine Kauter, Ivona Budys

Once again, not the most amazing choice – I’ve never heard of these girls before but they’ve got some sweet little tracks up on Unearthed. And what is this Green Room Lounge? Clearly I don’t spend enough time in Enmore, or they just haven’t put on any decent shows until, you know, now.

The Green Room Lounge, Enmore, free

Claire Albrecht

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