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Top Cycling Raiser

Six years ago Dulwich Hill Real Estate agent Angelo Lofitis’ wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease which affects 23,700 people in Australia. Not happy to sit around and do nothing, Lofitis gathered five of his mates and joined the MS Foundation’s annual Sydney to the Gong fundraising bike ride, creating a team named ‘Top Raisers’. In this year’s Sydney to Gong ride on November 4th Top Raisers are hoping to collect over $65,000 to go towards supporting people living with MS. Angelo says he is, “Looking forward to the ride like you can’t believe.”

To join the team or donate money to Angelo’s team, head to www.register.gongride.org.au and search TOP RAISERS.


local-news-marrickville-hubMarrickville Plans for new community hub and library

After years of indecision Marrickville Council has finally agreed on a design for the community hub, new Marrickville library and an affordable housing component. The plans include 1.2 kilometres squared of open space, restoration of two heritage buildings and more than 60 underground car spots.

The space will stretch from the corner of Marrickville to Livingstone Road. One of the most anticipated features of this new proposal is the much-needed new library.

Greens Councilor Max Phillips stated the plans are, “Long overdue and it is essential that the current Council start construction before this term ends.”


Lighting Up Kenya

Inner West lighting companies are working with sustainable lighting supplier Brightgreen to fund solar lighting for families in Kenya, where 25 per cent of houses are off the power grid. For every $2000 spent a Kenyan family will receive a solar-energy kit that can be traced by local buyers.

Nick from Sydney Lighthouse in Leichhardt says, “This campaign is important because it allows consumers to help build much needed technology in Kenya.” ECC Lighting and Furniture in Redfern, Sydney Lighthouse in Leichhardt and The Light Shop in Drummoyne are all involved in the campaign.

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