Local News – 289

Applications Open For Inner West Street Artists

As part of the Ashfield Town Centre Renewal Project Public Domain Strategy, which aims to expand the creative and cultural life of Ashfield, the Inner West Council is commissioning four large-scale street art projects, to be designed and executed by members of the local community. The murals will be located at four sites throughout the area, including three throughout Ashfield Town Centre and the fourth at the Haberfield section of the Bay Run. The Bay Run mural is exclusively open to artists identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander to honour and preserve the significance of the site, which has been used by the Wangal people for thousands of years. Inner West Council Administrator Richard Pearson has suggested that this is only the beginning, with more public art projects to be announced later in the year.

Applications close Friday, 9 September at 9.30am. Visit www.ashfield.nsw.gov.au/page/public_art.html for further information or to submit your proposal.

City of Canada Bay Announces Changes to Boat Trailer Laws

In a move to increase available parking spaces for members of the community, City of Canada Bay Deputy Mayor Helen McCaffrey has announced that boat trailer owners will no longer be permitted to park their trailers on residential streets for extended periods of time. Despite this, it is still possible for owners to park their trailers on residential streets for shorter time spans, with the requirement stating that they must be moved at least every 28 days and can be moved to a different block section of the same street. In addition, owners will receive a minimum 15 days notice, except in cases where the trailer is creating a danger to the public, allowing time to find another suitable location.

For more information visit olg.nsw.gov.au/boattrailers

Pro Bono Dental Rescue Day

Local business Annandale Dental is teaming up with the National Dental Foundation (NDF) to participate in the upcoming Pro Bono Dental Rescue Day. On September 3rd, eight patients from local charities will be provided with free dental care. “As a dental care provider, we are in a unique position to be able to help disadvantaged people who desperately need dental work, says Andre Ducasse of Annandale Dental. The role of the NDF is to coordinate the contributions of pro bono dental care offered by participating dental clinics, in order to pass on the benefits to as many people in need as possible. Currently over 5000 patients have benefitted from NDF’s pro bono initiatives.