LOST: One + 2

Founded with the aim of creating an environment that fosters artistic growth and enabling artists to continue their work without constraints, One+2 Studios is one of the premier galleries and studios in the Inner West and is definitely a must visit location during Sydney Art Month.

Why is it important for Sydney to run and endorse programs like LOST/MOST and Sydney Art Month?
I see that such programs can only foster and promote the arts in the community. LOST and MOST bring people within the community together, opening them up for debate and discussion of ideas and reactions. Furthermore, it assists with interaction between people where common likes and interests are shared or debated.
How do you see the art scene changes in this community precinct since you’ve been established?
One+2 Studios was founded in 1992 with seven artists. Now we have 85 artists sharing two warehouses across Balmain and Rozelle and while we have worked really hard to grow like this, some of the credit must be given to the rising interest in the arts in the area. Leichhardt Council under Jamie Parker took great forward steps in the support of the arts and I can still see that great push today. I think the influence of the Sydney College of the Arts also can’t be understated.
Can you tell us a little about what you will be showing for LOST?
Our Rozelle studio will be holding a group exhibition and a program where artists will show their practice (please visit www.goastray.net/LOST/), as well as show you around the studios and answer questions one-on-one. At the Balmain studio the artists will discuss the technique of their art on a personal basis with any member of the public. Additionally, Richard Goodwin will give a talk about his work and practice on Saturday, 14th March at 11am.
What inspired you to be part of the art world?
I’ve had an appreciation of the arts since childhood. My father was able to grab a pencil, a piece of paper and sketch someone’s portrait in minutes! I’m still amazed by it today. I started the studios because I was initially asked by a couple of artists to help put together a space for them to work and interact. As the interest grew, by artists needing working space and my enjoyment of what I was doing, we kept expanding and what we have achieved today brings such a superb feeling of accomplishment and gratefulness for being part of it.
n One+2 art gallery and studio: 483 Balmain Rd, Lilyfield. For more information,
visit www.oneplus2.com.au