LOST: Suey Mcennally

Suey Mcennally is known for her large format landscapes in oil pastel, pigment and paint. She was a finalist in many prestigious prizes including the Dobell and Sulman at the AGNSW, The Blake, Paddington and Manning and winner of
the Paddington Art Prize for Australian Landscape 2012.

Why is it important for Sydney to run and endorse programs like LOST/MOST?
It’s great to have a focal point in the year to allow residents and visitors info about the various arts activities being conducted in the area.
What is so appealing about LOST?
As some  people find formal galleries a bit intimidating, the Open Studio Trail allows interested parties to visit practising artists in the relaxed atmosphere of their own studios. Often people enjoy discovering the methods and madnesses of artists at work.
What is your main exhibit for this period?
Showing in my Studio is some of the work from my recent exhibition “On the Great Divide” at the Manning Regional Gallery plus some of the work for my upcoming (May 22nd) show at Gallery One in Queensland. The work is light reflective landscape in Oil Pastel and paint.
With institutions like the Sydney College of the Arts in Balmain gaining traction, do you think the art scene will get inundated with artists? Can this be a problem?
More the merrier. The liveliness of a society often reflected in the vibrancy of its arts practitioners.
What inspired you to work in the art world?
I’ve never formally made a decision to become an artist you just always think and feel that way. Luckily I’ve been able to give up the part time jobs and been self supporting for the last decade and half.
1 National St, Rozelle