LOST: That Framing Place

After more than 25 years in business, That Framing Place remains a staple of the art community in the Inner West. With Sydney Art Month happening over March, we talk to owner and operator Lynn Pearce about her work and the
changing art scene…

Why is it important for Sydney to run and endorse programs like LOST/MOST and Sydney Art Month?
It showcases how many artists and craft makers we have in our neighbourhoods without knowing it. With a high volume of artists being released from the guardianship of high profile galleries and other art spaces disappearing, art patrons and collectors need to be reminded who our artists are and their work. Let’s face it; an artist never stops creating even if sales are inconsistent.
What is the specific influence, in your opinion, of LOST on the Inner West?
LOST influences community awareness and invokes grassroots participation across numerous spectrums of creative expression. Our artists need the support of LOST to be seen in more non-conventional venues, which LOST provides through its sponsors.
Can you tell us a little about your main exhibition for LOST?
I will be showing my collection of black and white photographs featured in my new book ‘A Village on the Harbour’. I began this project in 2007 with an exhibition entitled ‘Landmarks 2041’. Balmainians love their village and it inspired me to expand the collection to include local shopkeepers, some of whom are no longer a part of our local streetscape.
With institutions like the Sydney College of the Arts gaining traction, do you think the art scene, especially in the Inner West, will get inundated with artists? Do you think this is purely a good thing or could it be a problem?
I don’t foresee the local art scene being inundated with artists, not unless local council addresses the rental crisis for galleries and studios. Artists are going to go where the support and investment is the strongest. If anything, as a community we need to ask our artists how we can keep them here working on their art.
What inspired you to work in the art world?
It was working with artists on exhibitions that slowly built my confidence to exhibit my own work in 2001, almost 14 years after opening my framing studio. With four mixed exhibitions and six solo shows since 2001, I have never looked back.
That Framing Place: 216 Darling St, Balmain. For more information, visit www.thatframingplace.com.au