Nathan – Hot or Not?

The Ciao panel's verdict...

Nathan, 23, is a skateboarding instructor who describes himself as a “typical Aussie bloke having a go.”

His hobbies however, are anything but typical and include “livin’ life, being a patriot (hence the hat) and wizardry.” Nathan’s ideal date night would be to watch a transvestite reenactment of Priscilla Queen of the Desert followed by an Irish coffee. So if you’re in to that sort of thing, pop down to Five Dock Skate Park, where Nathan can often been found skating or teaching, and try to impress him with your skills on a skateboard.


The panel says:


Wow! Beautiful eyes, cheeky smile and who doesn’t love a guy with great taste in movies – Priscilla is a classic.



hot-felicityFelicity Frockaccino

Nathan needs a drag makeover! I’m no skateboarder, but maybe you should come to Oxford St and see the fabulous drag shows!




He certainly knows how to strike a pose. Skate over my way anytime…just don’t wear that hat.



ms-red-150Ms Red
He obviously has no fashion sense but at least he has good taste in reading material.



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