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It’s that time of year again, the Inner West Local Business Awards are well underway so remember to nominate your fave local business for a trophy. Nominations are closing soon…

Do you have a favourite local business? If so, don’t let them miss out on the recognition they deserve; take a second to nominate them in the 2014 Inner West Local Business Awards! So far, the number of nominations has been impressive, demonstrating that the Inner West has a well-deserved reputation for great community spirit and high-quality local businesses.

The theme for this year’s awards is “We’re Here For You,” celebrating the positive impact that local business and communities have on one another. Local business improves the lives of customers through their products and services while local customers form a supportive regular customer core for local business. The Local Business Awards themselves are also ‘here for you,’ giving customers a voice of support and acknowledging outstanding efforts extraordinary business people.

• Nominations close Wednesday 7th May. Voting coupons are available here in the mag, or can be downloaded from, and mailed to Precedent Productions, PO Box H211, Hurlstone Park, NSW, 2193.

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