Open up your pantry to the New Marrickville

Alex Elliott-Howery, co-owner of Cornersmith Cafe
Searching for that special ingredient high and low? Find everything your recipes require with the help of Marrickville’s fishmongers, bakers, butchers and grocers. Marrickville puts the world’s flavours at your doorstep.

Thuc Pham Á Ch âu

Specialising in fresh produce, Thực Phẩm Á Châu sell the very best in Asian vegetables and refrigerated goods at great prices! 145 Marrickville Road

Welcome Supermarket Supplies

Selling Asian food from the Philippines, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea and Nepal this little grocer has it all. Packed with fresh veg, milk and bread you can find what you need to whip up a delicious feast. 127 Marrickville Road, 9568 3552

Vinh Hung

Consistently delivering low prices, Vinh Hung is one of the best butchers in the Inner West. They sell a variety of different meats and cuts and are highly recommended by their loyal customers. 131 Marrickville Rd, 9568 2381

open-marrickville-lamia-deliLamia Super Deli

This deli really does live up to its name, stocking everything you could ever dream of in a continental deli. Using a self-service system you can load up on all your foodie ingredients yourself and you won’t pay a fortune for the delicious produce either! 270 Marrickville Road, 9560 1011

Hong Phat Hot Bread

A great place to pick up a quick baked snack, or even lunch. Fabulous fast food on the go! 139 Marrickville Road, 9568 2417

T&M Meats

Stocking the ever so popular Lao sausages, T&M Meats is a hot favourite! They also sell delicious Thai sausages – the closest thing you’ll get to actually being in Thailand, as well as all your butchery needs. 483 Marrickville Road, 95695028

Paris Bakery

This little bakery doesn’t have the flashiest décor, however they make up for it with delicious Parisian croissants, even selling the French delicacy, snails. They have all your favourite baked goods as well. 224 Marrickville Road, 9572 6743

Gelato Franco

Described as an “old school” gelataria, Gelato Franco use only fresh ingredients and hard work to make their gelato. This son and mother team know how to deliver the best in Italian desserts! 281 Marrickville Road

Marrickville Seafood

Everything you will ever want in a fishmonger – the seafood is fresh and above all tasty! They cook food on site too, if you are looking for a lunch spot. 187 Marrickville Road, 9550 0277

Diamond Lee Hot Bread

Tasty fresh baked goods alongside friendly customer service. Some have dubbed this as the freshest bread in Marrickville! 211 Marrickville Road

open-marrickville-souvlakiSouvlaki Boys

Having opened just last week, Souvlaki Boys is your new favourite specialty supermarket, butchers and Continental Deli. They sell lamb, chicken and pork marinaded in the most delectable Mediterranean sauces, herbs and flavours. 179 Marrickville Road, 9560 3549

Rose Sunrise Bakery

Selling not only baked goods but also tasty lunch items like fresh rice paper rolls and burgers. Don’t forget about their healthy freshly squeezed juices and smoothies too! 255 Marrickville Road, 8065 4808

Banana Joe’s Foodworks and Quality Meats butcher shop

This community supermarket has all your grocery needs as well as a huge selection of Organic Products. It is independently owned and run and supports local charities and schools with sponsorship. Quality Meats butcher shop, found inside Banana Joe’s sells high quality meats for fabulous prices, making Banana Joe’s a one-stop shop for all your ingredient shopping. 258 Illawarra Road, 9559 7064

Van An Seafood

Offering the best prices for seafood around, Van An provide fresh ocean produce. This is a family owned and run business, which shows with the great service. 277 Marrickville Road, 9560 2575

JMJ Filipino Foods

A great store to get your groceries that specialises in Filipino ingredients. Selling the closest foods to what you will find in the Philippines. 324B Marrickville Road, 9560 5264

Hoho Butcher

Hoho Butcher has some of the freshest meats in town and they cut their meat in-house. Keep an eye out for their daily specials to snap up a high quality bargain. 286 Marrickville Road, 0413 780 146,

Van Long Asian Grocery

One of the largest Asian groceries in Marrickville, Van Long has all your needs with plenty of fresh fruit and veg as well as all your refrigerated and pantry stock. 279-281 Marrickville Road, 9560 6096

Save More Grocery

As the name implies, Save More Grocery always deliver on low prices yet don’t compromise on quality. There is certainly a bargain or two to be found in store! 307 Illawarra Road, 9559 3117

open-marrickville-Hong-PhupcHong Phuoc

Hong Phuoc has all your Asian grocery desires as well as stocking some rare Asian fruits and vegetables. 297 Illawarra Road

Lucky Meats

Promising quality and great prices, Lucky Meats is the most presentable butcher in Marrickville. They have all the cuts of meats and poultry. 275 Illawarra Road, 95583118

Cornersmith Picklery

A family operated café that is dedicated to sustainable practices, sourcing produce from local growers and ethical meats. Not to mention their astonishing house-made pickles! (Alex Elliott-Howery, co-owner, pictured at top in the pickling kitchen). 441 Illawarra Rd, 8964 7463,

Van Hung Meats

Selling all the usuals in meats and poultry, Van Hung Meats will have you coming back time and time again with their low prices. 273 Marrickville Road, 9560 2361

Phuoc Hai Seafood

Selling fresh and live seafood at market prices. Phuoc Hai is the place to go for crustaceans and other ocean food. 276 Illawarra Road, 9558 0297

Panificio Pan D’oro

Specialising in quality Italian bread, Panificio Pan D’oro is a real stand out. The perfect bread to soak up your Italian sugo with! 297 Marrickville Road, 8065 0571

Mimo’s Lebanese Bakery

If you fancy a gourmet pizza, a tasty falafel roll or even something sweet – nutella pizza perhaps? – Mimo’s Lebanese Bakery is for you! They are open six days a week (Tues-Sun) and do event catering. 4/129 Marrickville Road, 8021 6629