Party-prepping your house

With Christmas, New Year and Australia Day parties knocking on your door, it’s time to start planning your own backyard extravaganza…

Planning is absolutely paramount if you’re looking to revamp your backyard this silly season and there are some things you should consider to ensure you make the best use of your space. Here are the essentials to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area, leaving nothing left for you to do but press play and serve the salad:

  • Entertaining becomes easier when you’ve got the right equipment at your fingertips, so look into some outdoor speakers and maybe even an outdoor TV for the big sporting events.
  • Bifold doors allow you to completely open up your home to the outdoors and gives you a better environment for socialising.
  • Colour-matched decking, flowing the same direction as your indoor tiles or floor boards will also help to create a seamless indoor/outdoor area.
  • Glass or stainless steel wire balustrades help you make the most of your backyard view if you have one, whilst timber can be utilised to create a little privacy – an important factor if your neighbour didn’t get an invite.
  • Hardwood decking requires slightly less maintenance than standard pine decking and can be up to seven times harder meaning high heels are allowed!
  • Flush floor lights as well as down lights will really help to bring your patio to life at night and set the mood.
  • Furniture plays a big part. If your space is only small, then arrange furniture for standing guests, this can include tall tables, hung outdoor heaters and art works.


Words: Matt Wilson, chippie at A Cut Above Constructions

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