Picnic at Hanging Rock

On a blistering summer’s day in 1900, three private school girls and their teacher vanish while on a day-trip to Hanging Rock in country Victoria. It was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day treat. They were meant to be home for dinner. They are never seen again.

Joan Lindsay’s historical fiction took the theme of the child lost in the bush that has haunted the Australian psyche for generations and wove it into a compelling supernatural mystery. In this chilling theatrical adaptation, five young female performers recount the story and the struggle to make sense of what happened, exploring the euphoria and terror which reverberates through a tight-knit rural community faced with a frightening chain of inexplicable events.

Whether you’re a fan of the novel, or Peter Weir’s iconic 1975 film, or coming new to the tale, you’ll be left transfixed by a dramatic journey that plunges us to the depths of our most primal fears.

Tom Wright’s acclaimed adaptation was first seen at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne in 2016, where it had a sell-out season, before touring to Edinburgh and then London. New Theatre is excited to be presenting the Sydney public premiere of this evocative gothic thriller.

For dates and tickets go to https://newtheatre.org.au/picnic-at-hanging-rock/