Rant: Bring Back the Hat!

What will you be wearing this Melbourne Cup day? Local milliner Wendi Nutt hopes it’s not an unfascinating fascinator…

Sadly there is a huge generational change in dressing for weddings, the races and Melbourne Cup. It is a rarity to see an elegant hat at the races these days, styled with an outfit, shoes and handbag, which complement it beautifully.

What was once an occasion to dress with elegance and style, is now being taken over by sad little pieces of fluff on a headband or a comb from China. Fascinators are certainly not ‘fascinating’. They are neither captivating, mesmerising nor alluring. They do nothing for you! They have no style, grace or elegance – especially if they are purchased from a department store. You may as well be wearing your knickers on your head!

Why do so many gorgeous women spend a fortune on their fabulous shoes and dresses only to top it all off with a $6.99 ‘thingy’? It saddens me to see beautiful mothers of the bride also joining this trend by wearing a “this will do” piece in their hair to their daughter’s wedding.

Furthermore, you cannot buy a hat online. A hat needs to be tried on for size and it has to fit your head. It needs to be in proportion with your face and body shape, and be in line with your own personal style. If it is good quality and well-made (by a milliner), it will last for many years, be worn on many occasions and will top off a variety of outfits.

It can also be re-styled into an entirely new shape by a milliner and the trim replaced…Giving your dearest hat a little facelift means it can be re-used and will always stay in style.

Regrettably, in a few years our council rubbish tips will be filled to the brim (pun intended) with the plastic flowers, dyed chook feathers and headbands of cheap fascinators that were only worn once before they fell apart.

Will they be beautiful, collectable, vintage hats in 100 years? Unfortunately not.

Support fabulous independent, Australian, self-funded businesses, artists, designers, couturiers, milliners, stylists, handbag and shoe designers. There are many of us living and working right here in the Inner West!

Please join me in my BRING BACK THE HAT campaign and the art of wearing them elegantly.

Words: Wendi Nutt, Philadelphia Philpot – Couture Millinery and Styling. Wendi had been creating couture hats and bridal headpieces in the Inner West for over 23 years and has never repeated a design. She was recentlynamed Wedding Accessory Designer of the Year – WEOA awards.

For more info visit www.philadelphiaphilpot.com.

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