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Just over one year ago I solemnly vowed that I would not do another restaurant ever again. Too hard, too much sacrifice. So Danks Street Depot closed its doors after 11 wonderful years.

I will never do another restaurant. I’m. Done.

Then I get a call out of the blue from a mate saying, “Would you be interested in a property in Pyrmont? Short term? A pop-up?”

BOOM! I’m not so done anymore! From start to finish we had a restaurant conceived, negotiated, designed, painted, built and licence transferred. We even made our own furniture in just 10 days!

Media releases went out and everyone got behind the concept and we have been packed! And I have been wondering: why? Why is it that it has been such an instant success? Without sounding egotistical, I do enjoy a reputation for being able to cook but this particular project has been excellently received, even if I do say so myself.

The lesson that I am learning is that it is not so much because the offer is really cool (though it is) but because it is super simple. Here’s the deal, the restaurant is called Bottle and Beast because we sell bottles of wine and every night one beast gets cooked on a spit and served – that’s it.

Let me be clear about something here – this is not an advertorial (but you can find us on Facebook and book a table if you wish) – this is more about me communicating a lovely little moment where I am hit with the obvious. Simple works because it is simple.

We like simple, in fact we need simple to get us by sometimes because life can be so darned complicated! To most people simple is like a breath of fresh air. Simple done well is always a million times better than complicated done badly.

So after one year of being out of the game, I have realised  two truths. The first is that you should never say never and the second is that simple is beautiful.
Eat well!

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