Righteous rightie – 224

I'm right, you're wrong

Righteous Rightie calls for the annexation of Indonesia and an end to blame-Australia-first media reporting.

Dear RR – How do you think the recent contretemps with our northern neighbour should have been handled?
Kevin, Leichhardt

RR replies: Frankly, Mr Silly Gangbang Banana Yoghurt and company should have been flattered ASIO considered them sufficiently important to intercept their carrier pigeons, or whatever primitive form of communication is used in that benighted region.

The notion Mr Abbott should apologise is preposterous. One can understand Obama apologising to Merkel – the Germans might have got a tad carried away circa 1933-1945 but they are a civilised people. But this mad notion our PM should say sorry (what is it with degenerate leftists and their endless enthusiasm for remorsefulness?) makes about as much sense as expecting
me to deliver a statement of profound regret to the monkeys I watch flinging feces at each other at the zoo.

Quite frankly, if an Australian PM wants to set up hidden cameras in the bedroom of a jumped-up third-world potentate and exercise droit du seigneur over their daughters, then that is entirely his right. It’s high time this country spent less effort trying to be liked and more making sure it’s respected.

To that end, I believe it is essential Indonesia is invaded immediately and those uppity Javanese jokers – who’d all be subjects of a Jap emperor anyway if it wasn’t for the efforts of this nation’s brave fighting men in WWII – taught a bloody lesson in humility. Of course, conscription would need to be introduced and the first to be called up should be those egregiously overpaid ABC communists who’ve been so revelling in Mr Abbott’s supposed discomfiture. Let’s see just how concerned Tony Jones, Richard Glover and Fran Kelly are about gay marriage when they’ve got 238 million scimitar-wielding Indonesians to subjugate!

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