Righteous Rightie – 243

Righteous Rightie savours the sweet fruits of vindication as the clash of civilisations he’s long predicted begins to unfold.

Dear RR – After years of being mocked as a “ragheads under the bed conspiracy theorist” by the treacherous intelligentsia for insisting the White Australia policy be reinstituted, does it bring you a certain tumescent joy to see your prediction of a fifth column of Mohammedans rising up en masse to behead mainstream Australians proven correct?
Barry, Dulwich Hill



RR replies: You know, Barry, when that criminal greaseball Al Grassby decided to throw open the floodgates to terrorist riff raff during the benighted Whitlam era, I was pretty much a lone voice warning it would all end blood on the wattle. “Oh no, don’t discriminate against the poor old clitoris-amputating, child-bride-marrying, non-believer-murdering, pillowbiter-stoning, theocracy-advocating Muslim,” atheist, feminist and homosexual leftists bleated. “Who are you to be so judgey as to say a modern liberal democracy is superior to the customs of a bunch of teatowel-sporting camel-traders stuck in the seventh century?”

Well, let’s see just how unflinchingly postmodern and culturally relativistic all those short-sighted intellectuals are once the nation’s universities are turned into madrasas, Q&A is replaced by live broadcasts of the Grand Mufti leading prayers (granted, it’s not that far off that point already) and lecturers in womyn and queer studies are being executed as pre-match entertainment at the SCG.

No doubt I’ll be thrown in some Human Rights Commission gulag for pointing this out but unless legislation is brought in banning any further towelhead immigration and requiring all Allah-botherers already in the country to shave their beards, rip off their head coverings, accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior, surrender their passports, donate any welfare payments they receive to the Don Bradman Museum in Bowral and eat a non-Halal meat pie it can only be a matter of weeks until we’re all living in the Great Southern Caliphate.

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