Road test – Acting Young with an Old Fashioned

Don’t call me old-fashioned but what is this drink?

After struggling to find an ‘on trend’ concept for this week’s Road Test I posed the question to my exceedingly trendy friend over coffee. Imagine, if you will, my friend sitting there contemplating my question, cigarette in one hand while the other self-consciously plays with his beard. “Hats with neck flaps, blues music and old-fashioned cocktails,” was his nonchalant response.

I too have been noticing that young Inner Westies are more than willing to fork over cash for fancy cocktails, especially if they have an Americana influence.

Why are we swapping Coopers for an expensive glass of whiskey, bitters and orange? I know half of us don’t even like whiskey. Ciao hit the streets to see if an ‘Old Fashioned’ is worth the extra buck.

The Gretz

This new bar opened by the duo responsible for the Hartsyard is making Enmore even better. The New York style bar offers table service, something not often seen in Aussie bars. Highlights from the tapas style menu include hot oysters with smoked butter and scotch olives sitting on top of manchego cheese. Their cocktails are $19 a glass and although an old fashioned isn’t one of their standard creations the staff are more than happy to make one for you and they’re delicious!

125 Enmore Rd, Enmore

Open Tue-Fri 4pm-midnight; Sat: noon-midnight

Earl’s Juke Joint

From the outside it looks like a meat shop, which is no surprise as this small bar is a refurbished butchery. The bar has a bit of everything from craft Japanese beer to local Young Henrys on tap with a bit of hip hop and a New Orleans-style plush interior. With cocktails up to $22 dollars you’re definitely going to feel like a big spender in this joint.

407 King St, Newtown

Mon–Sat: 4:00pm–midnight; Sun: 4:00pm–10:00pm

Corridor Food & Wine Bar

This very small bar is easy to miss as you walk down bustling King Street. The bar suffers from ‘cool’ staff, dirty bathrooms and overpriced food. But they are famous for their old fashioned cocktail, which uses tequila and comes with a mescal float for $18. Sitting on their balcony under large fairy lights I’m starting to understand the appeal of cocktails, until I check my wallet and realise I’ll be walking home.

153A King St, Newtown

Tue-Fri: 3pm-12am; Sat: 1pm-12am; Sun: 1pm-10pm



Make your own

A cheaper alternative could be making your old fashioned at home! You’ll need:
• 1 sugar cube
• 4-5 drops of Angostura bitters
• Orange slices
• Ice cubes
• 60ml bourbon whiskey
• 1 glace cherry

Place the sugar cube in a serving glass. Drizzle over the bitters. Cut a slit in each orange slice from the rind to the centre and twist. Place one orange slice in the glass. Use a pestle to gently crush the orange and sugar cube. Fill half the glass with ice cubes. Add the bourbon and stir until well combined. Add the cherry and remaining orange. Cheers!