Road test – Aerial Exercise

It’s well and truly summer now and with all those end-of-year feasts recently, I thought it was time that I got to work on my beach body. Unfortunately, I find most exercise utterly boring… I decided to go out and try a few alternative exercise options within the comfort of the Inner West minus the comfort of solid ground.

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, St Peters 

This was my first stop and I was very excited; I haven’t been rock climbing since I was 10 years old and luckily I had an experienced friend to show me the (literal) ropes. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym is in a great location, less than a 10-minute walk from both St Peters and Sydenham train station, and is the largest climbing gym in the Southern Hemisphere.

With so many different climbs available, it is well suited to all skill and fitness levels. After two visits I still haven’t tried half the routes. The entrance price for an adult is $18, plus another $10 to hire shoes and harness. This gives you access to the entire facility for the whole day. 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Alexandria 

As I walked in and saw that, besides nervous-looking parents, I was the oldest person there by nearly a decade, I thought I had made a bit of a mistake. I decided to give trampolining a shot anyway and after just a few short minutes of jumping, I was drenched and gasping for air.

Trampolining is really exhausting, but on the other hand, I never felt like I was actually exercising – even when I woke up the next morning groaning in agony. The facilities here are pretty great and the variety will amaze you; dodgeball courts, foam pits and even basketball hoops so you can dunk like Mike whilst bouncing. The price is decent with $18 giving you an hour of leaping pleasure.

Sydney Trapeze School, St Peters

I was very curious about the Sydney Trapeze School; who’d have thought you could turn this into a legitimate form of exercise? I found that most of the physical stress comes in your core, as you have to hold your body taut, and there are the obvious benefits it has for your arms and upper torso, especially when you are supporting the entire weight of another trapeze artist.

I can’t say I’m totally sold on the exercise potential of trapeze, but the fun involved is undeniable, at least for those without a fear of heights. Each class is two hours long and ranges from $55-70 for an adult depending on when and how you book.

The Ledge Climbing Centre, University of Sydney

The Ledge Climbing Centre is part of the University of Sydney’s gym and fitness centre, but it is completely open to the public. This facility has a decent amount of different and varied climbs including a bouldering section that apparently is changed very frequently.

Overall, it seems like this place is aimed more at rock climbing enthusiasts than casuals so is probably not the best place for beginners looking for a fun new exercise. However, I did get a good social vibe from the place. Prices start at $14 and, since it is a university facility, there are some great discounts for students.

Words Max Kobras