Roadtest: Keeping Mum

Emma McConnell picks the top four movie-character mums we secretly wish were… Or were at least related to!


Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich (2000)

Compassionate, independent and sassy – this single mum brings these ideals together to help those who need it most. Despite having no formal legal training she plays a crucial role in launching an ultimately successful court case against the Pacific Gas & Electric Company for knowingly contaminating the water supply of a small town in California. Based upon a true person, Erin’s character managed to care for her three children as well as finding the empathy to help the families tragically affected by the contamination. It is a remarkable story that Julia Roberts shines in. Highly recommend viewing, if only to see Julia playing a grittier, unaplogetically working-class character.



The Sound Of Music (1965)

With her guitar-playing skills and an endless catalogue of sing-along songs, Maria cleverly defeats the evil stepmother stereotype we’ve become so accustomed to. Starting out as the governess for the seven Von Trapp children she turns their cold, rigid lifestyle around and in turn captures the heart of their father. Maria brings the love and life back into the Von Trapp family with her free-spirited and carefree nature despite numerous setbacks. As the mother figure in the film she is a pleasure to watch and is a character that continues to be admired even today.


Sarah Connor

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

A strong, hard-headed woman with endless determination, this badarse mum is not just about saving the world from total annihilation – she is also intent on saving the life of her son. The film franchise centres upon Sarah and the role that she plays in shaping the events of the present and subsequently the future. Linda Hamilton reimagines the character for the second instalment by becoming physically and mentally strong, with her son’s fate at the forefront of her concerns. Like all mums, all she wants is the best for her child and to be the mother that he rightly deserves.


Mrs Gump

Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest’s mother Mrs Gump certainly needs a special mention! Filled to the brim with memorable sayings her kindness and compassion plays a major role in how she, as a single mother, raises her only son. Her loving banter is taken quite literally and Forrest uses these quotes to shape his own life – one which is full of achievements and memorable adventures. Her nonjudgemental nurturing and unchanging style (particularly the flower-adorned hats) make her the quintessential and standout movie mum on this list.