Slow fashion

Sydney’s 1st dedicated, ethical and sustainable fashion market (for new clothing) is an event for people who care about how their fashion is made and who made it. The one day event will take place on Saturday 14 September at the Petersham Town Hall with 40 independent brands. The event originated from Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.

The stallholders are those that produce new fashion and accessories (mostly women’s with some mens and childrens) with an emphasis on quality and durability, and who use materials that are sustainable and non-toxic, and who either make the fashion themselves or pay their workers fair wages.

Market founder Emma Morris, explains that the movement around ethical fashion is growing rapidly, ‘Consumers are reaching their threshold for clothes that is made cheap and fast, that falls apart after a couple of washes, and potentially exploits the people who made them. The Slow Fashion Market will bring together people who care about how their fashion is made. Consumers want to feel that their purchases aren’t having a negative impact on the world.’

‘Fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating and serious. We love to put on events that are fun, where the atmosphere is about celebrating talented brands. We create an environment where everyone is comfortable asking questions and ‘who made my clothes?’ is the core question at this event’, said Morris.

The Slow Fashion Market is organised by Emma Morris and Lee Glezos, the team behind The Makers & Shakers Market and Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market.

Each year Australians send around $500 million worth of clothing toland ll, with around 85 percent of the new textiles purchased are sentto the tip. The idea behind the ethical and slow fashion movement is to put the brakes on the pace of over-production, over-consumption and over-disposal of garments, by instilling an awareness, appreciation and connection to the process of quality and ethical production.

Saturday 14 September

Petersham Town Hall 107 Crystal St Petersham NSW 2049

10am-3pm, entry is $2