Spicy Confessions: food in the bedroom

Have you ever used any food products in the bedroom?
If so, what did you use?

“Kissing whilst eating dark chocolate (and sharing it!) is one of my favourites.”
Phoebe, Five Dock

“I eat in bed constantly- I should really have red and white checkered sheets.”

“I’ve used a doughnut but I’m not sure you want to know what I did with it…”
Robert, Ashfield

“No, I have not. What if nonnas read this?”
Jordan, Leichardt

“Yes! Aside from the obvious things that are shaped appropriately for such…ahem…I have found myself, as well as my friendly explorer, covered in avocado smoothie. Might I say it was delicious!”
Finn, Marrickville

“Nutella, flowered ice cubes, ice cream…”
A certain cheeky chef from the Inner West

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