Spicy Confessions: Sexiest mens halloween costumes

What is the sexiest Halloween costume for men?

• “Who wouldn’t leave their boyfriend for Edward Cullen?” Macy, Drummoyne

• “There is something about bloodthirsty, pasty men that is inherently scary and sexy.” Rhiannon, Stanmore

• “I know this is sick, but there is something about the hunchback of Notre Dame that makes me want to hold him forever.” Kate, Leichhardt

• “James Bond” Sha’an, Strathfield

• “Gotta be a gladiator costume. Practically nude and oiled up.” Elias, Concord

• “Purple morph suit” Max, Newtown

• “A morman” Dezzy, Enmore

• “Fireman” Nancy, Haberfield

• “Lumberjack or Fireman” Millie, Newtown

• “Farmer… but maybe that’s just a personal thing.” Maddie, Ryde

• “I’d say a rockstar. Maybe Mick Jagger? But I think all I mean is that I find Mick Jagger sexy.” Sam, St Peters

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