Spicy Inner West: Domesticated men?

Ciao asks, the Inner West answers: is a domesticated man generally unsexy?

“So women want men to be slobs now? We won’t ever get you.”
Antonio, Leichhardt.

“I always thought it was but my current boyfriend is the most domesticated guy I know and I love it. He cooks, cleans, does his own washing. Makes it easier for me to park my arse on the couch and sip on some wine. He would be the easiest person to move in with.”
Kathleen, Lewisham.

“I think a lot of traditionalists struggle with the idea of men cleaning or cooking; it just looks a little emasculating. There’s nothing wrong with a domesticated man though as long as he has a more rough and ready side to keep you interested.”
Jo, Newtown.

“I think a man needs to be a man of the house, mostly in the bedroom. But a good boy when he’s told what to do. Different women prefer different types though; usually motherly women like a man they can take care of, where as others need to be taken care of like princesses.”
Tori, Petersham.

“You want someone who is civilised, generally tidy with good hygiene but you don’t want anyone too anal. There’s a line between manly man and animal man. I think this goes for women too.”
Melissa, Leichhardt.

“My girlfriend has never said anything to me about this topic so I guess I’ve struck the right balance. I’m not going to be a slob but at the same time I ain’t gonna whip out the Mr Sheen.”
Alan, Surry Hills.

“I’m definitely a fan of house-trained guys. Domesticate those boys into men, I say!”
Marie, Abbotsford.

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