Stars – 210


The Full Moon Eclipse on May 25th asks that you explore uncharted physical spaces. The shift in perspective will help you resolve a nagging issue.



Consult a money expert to help you establish foundations for a secure future under the Venus-Mercury-Jupiter transit between May 27th and 30th.


The eclipse on May 25th in your relationship zone emphasises the joy of being in love. Develop your gut instinct and learn to listen with your heart rather than your head.



Your recreational zone receives the gift of Saturn, so you’ll have to seriously ask yourself whether you’re having fun yet. Commit to a tangible form of creativity.



You’ll be popular when Jupiter and Venus align between May 26th and 29th, and the tie loosens after a few drinks. Enjoy the good life with your mates this fortnight.



The Lunar Eclipse in your domestic sector on May 25th helps create harmony between home concerns and your public life. Who says that you can’t have it all?



Mercury joins Jupiter in your travel zone for one of your best globetrotting phases this year. Any journey you embark on needs to be meaningful.



Money, power and intimacy issues are intensified this fortnight. Smooth over personal differences for the sake of a harmonious union; the healing benefits are worth it.



Venus, Jupiter and Mars set fire to your love life. Seek a like-minded romantic partner but protect your independence.



Your soft side emerges under the Saturn-Neptune link on May 30th. Drop your defences and show loved ones how you feel.



The period between May 26th and 29th is especially rewarding, thanks to Mercury, Venus and Jupiter forming favourable aspects to your Sun. Forge creative partnerships with forward-thinking peeps.



The eclipse on May 25th exposes your true colours at work. Be bold and ask for what you want professionally.


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