Stars – 218

You’ll be preoccupied with a particular project or cause this fortnight. This is an accumulation period for the Ram. Hard work and preparation ensures success towards the end of the year.

Avoid unnecessary arguments between September 9th and 11th. Preserve your energy for helping others under the Venus transit from September 11th.

You’ll be emotional around the Full Moon on September 19th. This eclipse highlights your desire for a meaningful vocation. Silence and meditation provide you with insight.

Your healing instincts help you shed that protective shell around September 15th. This isn’t a time for the Crab to hide away. Work towards a rewarding future by actively engaging in the public sphere.

Be wary of spending big between September 9th and 11th, and around the Full Moon on September 19th. Expensive plans require careful consideration.

This fortnight kicks off with the New Moon in your sign. Get projects moving by September 8th when the Sun and Jupiter link-up. Recognition for your efforts will surface after September 14th.

Expect a sociable first half of September to reach a turning point mid month.

Any major disruptions should settle after September 16th. A creative surge is likely to manifest under the Venus transit.

New professional roles are likely to come your way by the Full Moon on September 19th. Decorum attracts the right connections under the current transits.

Your compassionate nature shines through, thanks to the current Water-Earth elements dominating the constellations. Focus on community concerns.

A demanding cycle of responsibility that has been developing since late 2012 will be challenged between September 5th and 11th. Learn techniques to ease the pressure.

You sensitivity will soar under the Full Moon on September 19th. Your physical and emotional security is a key theme this fortnight. Jupiter provides optimism to balance fears.

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