Stars – 219


Career transformations are likely after September 27th. Consider flexible work options if you want more control over how you spend your time.


Focus on meaningful communication under the Mercury transit from September 29th to revive a stale relationship.


The Sun enters your house of fun on September 23rd as a reminder to embrace leisureliness in this work-obsessed culture of ours.


Turn to a friend to share your problems. You can translate your feelings clearly and readily under the current Mercury transit.

Renovation and domestic issues surface around September 29th. Rethink and redo design disasters that detract from the harmony of your living space.


Creativity peaks in the last week of September. Make room for right-brain activities such as arts, music and other hobbies that help you de-stress.


Mercury influences your money house from September 29th until the end of the year. Seek expert advice if you’re aiming to reach new levels of financial organisation.


Mercury in Scorpio provides you with the curiosity to explore what makes you tick. Journal writing is an ideal form of therapy that unearths and processes behaviour that keep you from moving forward.


You put your leadership skills to the test around September 22nd. Power trips may inflate your ego, but be wary of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) keen to put out your fire.


You’ll show the world what you’re made of under the Saturn-Pluto link. Take advantage of this powerful transit by putting in the hard work to achieve success.


Mars adds passion and intensity to your relationships this fortnight. An open and experimental approach to romance provides stimulation and escape from routine.


Links from Mercury and Venus to your Sun signal that relationship commitments must be respected. If a loved one isn’t honouring their responsibilities, call them on it.

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