Stars – 223

Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl


Expect unrestrained financial issues to stabilise around November 18th. Your outer life will improve as a result, so you’ll lose that just-got-out-of-bed-look without enduring a reality makeover.


The Full Moon in your sign on November 17th supports your inner transformation; a necessary process for the earthy Bull. Focus on the balance between body and spirit in order to gain understanding of how the two work together.


Expect to receive serious romantic attention under the Sun’s transit, so make the most of the seasonal social calendar and cast your courting net.

This is a time for Cancer to stand still. Under Jupiter’s retrograde motion, review how certain areas of your life have developed and plan where you want to go from here.

Expect a creative surge to surface around November 22nd. Empower those younger and more vulnerable than yourself through your artistic talents.


Take time out from your responsibilities between November 15th and 17th to relax and experience the world through not-so-serious eyes.


You’re compelled to delve into your childhood under the Venus cycle for clues as to how your upbringing has shaped you. Make peace with your past.


The North Node-New Moon link represents a turning point between your past and future. Focus on what moves you forward.


The influence of sensible Capricorn has Sagittarius taking calculated risks with money; a must for curbing extravagant spending.

Reconnect with unfulfilled dreams from the period 2005 to 2006, and re-commit to them as part of a new eight-year cycle.

The Universe throws you a second chance at missed opportunities this fortnight, so be prepared to catch them when they fall in your direction.

You’ll be in the swing of a new social cycle, thanks to gregarious Venus. Avoid freeloaders disguised as friends. ‘Boundaries’ may not be a Piscean theme, but make them one.

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