Stars – 224

Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl


Mars moves into your relationship zone on December 8th. Avoid the tendency to argue with others without first making an effort to understand their point of view.


Your opinions will be strong and well researched under the Venus-Pluto link. Your capacity to think outside the box leads to unique ideas on how best to handle a certain situation.


Mercury teams up with the Sun after December 6th. Bounce ideas off others when making a decision about a pressing issue, rather than nutting it out alone.


Suppressed emotions will emerge under the Moon-Pluto connection on December 5th. Examine your attachment to a significant female in your life, and discover ways in which you can self-nurture.


The New Moon on December 3rd kick-starts the silly season for gregarious Lions. Enjoy a socially-packed calendar over the next few months.


Make the most of the Mars transit through your financial sector from December 7th. Your hard work will pay off as making money and acquiring possessions will come easily.


Avoid feeling pressured into making decisions this fortnight. Trust that projects will be completed when they need to be.


Contracts and other financial paperwork are best undertaken after December 5th when Mercury moves into your second house.


The New Moon in your sign on December 3rd is an ideal time to plan trips away over the Christmas period.


Venus and the Moon provide you with a dose of maturity on December 6th. Be grown up about where your romantic relationship is headed.


Your free spirit shines through on December 11th. Uranus and the Moon provide you with the sparkle to get you in the party mood.


Emotional sensitivity may surface on December 9th thanks to the Neptune-Moon link. Tune into your ‘sensitive artist’ side and dabble in creativity to achieve balance.



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