Stars – 225

You’ll have truckloads of energy to carry you through the holiday season. Avoid the tendency to jump into squabbles with loved ones. You want your Christmas to be merry.

The Venus retrograde motion in your travel sector from December 22nd is an ideal transit for making overseas travel arrangements that will manifest in the New Year.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 16th arouses your inclination for gossip. This Christmas, the Universe reminds you that hearsay needs to be balanced with fact.

Re-evaluate your existing romantic relationship around December 22nd. Mercury’s Christmas day transit asks whether your current partnership meets your emotional needs.

Avoid caving in to external pressure between December 24th and 27th. You may feel obligated to catch up with certain individuals who rarely reach your radar.

Your creative peak will hit post-Christmas, thanks to an intense Pluto transit. Allow yourself plenty of free time and space to surrender completely to creative expression.

There’ll be a tendency to procrastinate with family social arrangements. Delegating tasks will get you out of hot water.

The current transits supply you with the financial freedom to spoil those closest to you this Christmas. Open your heart and wallet and let your generous side shine.

Lightning bolt Uranus brings second chances for events that failed to manifest in August. This is an ideal time to plan your movements for 2014.

Mercury enters your sign on Christmas day. This puts in you in a positive frame of mind so you’ll enjoy a traditional Christmas with loved ones.

Celebrations are well underway for the Water Bearer. Despite a full social calendar, spiritual reassessment is your gift from the Gods this Christmas.

As 2013 ends, you’ll review your social and community obligations. Ensure that your time and energy are poured into the activities that matter to you. And have a Merry Christmas!

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