Stars – 232

A spiritual phase will unfold for many Rams this fortnight. This is an ideal time to reflect, relax and retreat from your busy schedule.

The New Moon eclipse on April 29th compels you to slow down and relish the moments. Apply a measured approach to projects.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Gemini on May 7th. Generating stimulating conversation and forging new friendships prove effortless under this transit.

The New Moon eclipse sparks your networking sector on April 29th with opportunities to make a difference within your community. Be selective about the causes you commit your time and energy to.

Career choices made out of obligation could hold you back unnecessarily this fortnight. Decisions concerning work matters need to come from the heart, not the head.

Expand your professional connections from May 7th. This is not the time to retreat. Keep the lines of communication open for future success.

You may be anxious to fulfil another person’s expectations under the Venus transit. Learn that self-worth comes from within.

The extended Neptune cycle hits a cosmic high point this fortnight. Follow your intuition where creativity is concerned.

Mercury in your love zone improves communication between yourself and a significant other. Be vocal about having your needs met.

Venus beautifies your domestic space from May 3rd. Add aesthetic touches to your home such as plush cushions, Persian rugs and original artwork for a dramatic effect.

The New Moon eclipse on April 29th activates suppressed family issues. The path to healing begins through the art of forgiveness. Make peace with those who have caused you pain.

Schedules involving children or relatives need to be reviewed and altered around May 7th to keep harmony flowing in what would otherwise be a stressful situation.

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