Stars – 234

You’ll go into overdrive with that boundless Aries energy on May 19th when Mars goes direct in your love zone. Avoid the tendency to act first, think later.

Venus enters your sign at the end of the month, enticing you to indulge in life’s pleasures. Pampering and beautifying yourself are on the agenda this fortnight.

The New Moon on May 29th forms a supportive link to Mars. Finally, the wheels turn on an issue that’s been treading water since March.

Mercury enters Cancer on May 29th and forms an easygoing relationship with Venus. Others will benefit from your caring words and kind deeds this fortnight, so make room for the people who need you most.

You gain clarity on a matter that’s caused you restlessness and worry. Newfound insight helps you take a suitable course of action.

Learn to wind down from a spurt of busyness. Meditation and relaxation will help calm your over-stimulated mind.

Mars goes direct in your sign on May 19th. Move forward with assertiveness and diplomacy in your personal and professional dealings.

Venus adds luxurious touches to your love life. Gourmet food and fine wine set the scene for storybook romance.

A new relationship chapter begins this fortnight. Stimulating banter and intelligent ideas will form an important part of relating for many Centaurs.

The Universe urges you to keep the lines of communication open and clear with a significant other.

Your most gratifying domestic period begins on May 24th. Compromising with family members proves painless and fruitful this fortnight.

The New Moon in your home sector highlights the importance of teamwork when it comes to sharing household responsibilities. Establish a roster and have your housemates stick to it.

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