Stars – 238

Your stars for the week by Astrogirlzarro,

Mars changes signs on July 27th. You now have a new way of working through difficulties that involves cutting through indecisiveness with power.

You may experience stop-start energy with a new health and lifestyle schedule until July 27th but persevere for optimum results.

Geminis will feel thepressure ease with a particular issue. Learn not to take life so seriously. This fortnight is about choosing pleasure over achievement.

Security and comfort become important relationship topics for many Crabs. Drop the insecurity and enjoy nurturing those closest to you.

The New Moon on July 27th teams up with jovial Jupiter. Your leadership skills have the opportunity to excel under this transit.

You are on your way to an abundant financial phase, thanks to expanding career opportunities. Research shrewd ways to invest your money.

Mars leaves your sign on July 26th. If you have struggled to assert yourself over the past few months, the situation will begin to change this fortnight.

Lesson master Saturn moves forward on July 21st after four months in retrograde motion. You will begin reaping the harvest of projects that originated in late 2013.

Jupiter throws you a strong ethical curveball where financial values are concerned. Clarify what is fair in shared money situations.

Venus enters your romantic zone on July 18th. Attached Capricorns may want to spend more quality time with their partners. If single, be wary not to jump into a relationship too quickly just to avoid being alone.

The Sun joins Jupiter on July 22nd for your hottest love phase this year. The Universe provides you with the confidence and charm to ‘go for it,’ so go for it!

Generous Jupiter brings plenty of work opportunities. Your challenge is to be selective about what occupation you commit to.

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