Stars – 242

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro,

You’ll find that others are willing to co-operate on a particular project under the New Moon of 24 September. You may need to compromise a little in order to reach goals.

Mercury helps you arrange schedules and establish timetables where children and young people are concerned. Preparation completed this fortnight leads to success over the next few weeks.

Be open to the possibility of fiery and dynamic romance from September 13th. Mars helps clear the air of any relationship nuisances.

You will power ahead at work from mid-September. Routine tends to accelerate under this transit, so take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Be proactive about money matters by 24 September. Aim to establish a financial plan to safeguard against possible setbacks.

You’ll be ready to tackle domestic affairs with the help of the action planet, Mars, from September 13th. Keep renovation or redecoration projects moving.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in your sign on September 24th highlight your fairness and ethics in a bold way. Act with integrity in a particular situation.

Scorpios will begin a once-in-two-year money cycle on September 13th. Don’t delay implementing a budget or savings plan if you haven’t already done so.

Avoid tetchiness and livid flare-ups when Mars enters your sign on 13 September. High-level physical activity is an ideal outlet for any pent-up energy you may be carrying.

Take a step back from the daily grind around September 13th. Meditation, yoga, and nature retreats that re-connect you with your authentic self are recommended now.

Aquarius The Jupiter-Saturn link from 21st September provides you with unexpected but exciting romantic opportunities. Make the most of spontaneous offers.

A new two-year work cycle begins on 13 September, so set yourself new and meaningful professional goals.

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