Stars – 243

Your stars of the weeks by Astrogirlzarro,

Surprise and chaos are on the cosmic agenda when the Full Moon aligns with Uranus on October 8th. Be brave and say ‘yes’ to new experiences.

You’ll being asking ‘why’ about a particular situation when Mercury moves into your relationship house on September 27th. Probe deeply to reveal another person’s agenda.

Many Twins will enjoy the social whirl this fortnight. Expect to receive much needed support from a friend or colleague around October 8th.

Venus glides into your domestic zone on 29th of Sept. Beautify your living space with colour and style.

Take risks with a creative project between October 5th and 9th for affirmative outcomes.

You may find it difficult to express yourself when Mercury moves backwards on October 3rd. Remember that not everything needs to be rationalised. Keeping a journal helps clarify thoughts.

Dare to follow your heart under the Full Moon on October 8th. Venus equips you with charm and magnetism to attract your ideal rendezvous.

Mercury moves into your sign on September 29th and goes retrograde on October 3rd. Your reputation as the ‘strong silent type’ surges under this transit. Non-verbal communication speaks volumes, so be mindful of the signals you send.

Sagittarians wishing to make their mark professionally have until September 29th to refine and implement career goals.

The cycle of adventure winds down on September 29th. Establish a firm routine in early October and get on with ‘business as usual’.

Jupiter and Uranus continue to provide luck and spontaneity where love is concerned. Your ability to attract romance peaks October 9th.

Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter provide work opportunities in abundance. Pisceans who have paid their dues professionally will find the period between 4th and 10th October a fertile time for career advancement.

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