Stars – 244

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Aries: Restoring your emotional ties under the current Mercury retrograde will make your close relationships stronger. Address petty problems to prevent them from flourishing.

Taurus: New beginnings in romance are possible under the New Moon on 24 October. A change of attitude improves a waning love life.

Gemini: You may develop a hunger for knowledge once Mercury occupies your philosophy zone from 10 October. Formal study and exchanging ideas with like-minded people appeal to you now.

Cancer: After an intense first half of the year, the mood on the domestic front softens. Use Venus’ charm to continue improving family connections.

Leo: Retrograde Mercury can create confusion around travel or study plans. Check details and confirm specifics before you embark on your excellent adventure.

Virgo: Business-oriented Virgos need to be cautious with their cash this fortnight. Delay making important financial decisions until after 24 October.

Libra: Decision making may not be so straightforward under Mercury’s retrograde motion from 10 October. Aim to be objective about an inflammatory issue.

Scorpio: Venus and the New Moon on 24 October bring intensity and depth to your close relationships. Big picture plans that you’ve been considering become clear with the help of Jupiter.

Sagittarius: You’ll want to break your usual routine and explore the unknown, thanks to the Jupiter-Mars link. A change of environment will satisfy restless urges.

Capricorn: The Solar eclipse on 24 October triggers new beginnings with significant friendships. Let go of resentment and move on.

Aquarius: The Universe urges you to get off the treadmill and retreat into the natural world to reflect on and review a particular situation.

Pisces: A new vision for your future emerges under the eclipse on 24 October. Mars and Saturn connect to help you put these plans into action.