Stars – 245

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Mars leaves your travel zone on October 26th to breathe life into your career. This is an ideal time to take on challenging professional projects.

Passion is in the air for many Taureans, thanks to the New Moon-Venus alignment on October 24th. New beginnings in love are possible if you are willing to put in the effort.

Mercury moves forward on October 24th and forms positive aspects to your Sun. You are able to communicate with authority. Key messages you send to an audience will be well received.

Conflict with loved ones may flare after October 26th. Use the Capricorn Mars energy to work cooperatively on relationship issues.

The routine restructure many Leos began in the first half of the year pays off this fortnight. You’ll have energy at your disposal to establish a health and wellbeing program.

Virgos need to make room for some serious playtime after October 26th and get in touch with their inner child.

Impulsive love choices are likely now, thanks to Mars the initiator. Keep a level head where romance is concerned.

Scorpios may experience romantic intensity in late October only to find that it cools in the first week of November. A Taurean friend can help you stay grounded throughout this irregular period.

After October 26th you get serious about grown-up concerns like your cash flow. Explore ways in which your money can work hard for you.

Your ability to commit yourself to a goal is robust, thanks to the Pluto-Mars link, so look to invest in long-term projects.

The Universe recommends retreat and relaxation for many social-whirling Aquarians this fortnight.

The eclipse of October 24th brings new beginnings in travel. Mars and Saturn ensure that you’re prepared for adventure of the intrepid kind.


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