Stars – 248


Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

You may be compelled to take on a new project, however, your energies are better suited to accomplish what is already in progress.

Venus receives a cosmic recharge from erudite Mercury, enabling you to read a personal situation with impartiality.

The formation of new ideas is effortless now. Expand these concepts over the next couple of weeks to see where they take you.

You’ll be captivated by the intelligence and charm of a significant other when Mercury and Venus work their magic. Allow this encounter to elevate you from your usual routine.

Poor judgment about a particular issue becomes a possibility under the Jupiter retrograde motion from 7 December. Rethink the situation in the New Year when you’ve gained clarity.

You come into your creative power on or around 12 December. Use this capacity to transform what isn’t working in your life.

Action planet Mars boosts your confidence and drive. What you build now can open doors in 2015

While you feel that your responsibilities increase with the advent of the silly season, the Universe kindly gives you permission to unwind around 23 December to let others take over.

The Venus-Jupiter link under the Full Moon of 6 December suggests a theatrical approach to romance. An exuberant partner will support your enjoyment of the revelries ahead.

Mercury and Venus enter your sign this fortnight. Affairs of the heart and head need to be dealt with maturity and objectivity.

A Mars-Jupiter opposition begs you to question whether you have been self-indulgent at the cost of a special relationship. Patience and compassion go a long way to rectify wrongdoing.

Venus enters your friendship sector on 10 December in time for the party season. Bringing friends and colleagues together for socialising proves painless under this transit, so enjoy!